RFID Technology and Packintube Smart

logo rfidRadio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are part of Information Technology.

RFID tags are electronic stickers that carry a unique coded microchip associated with a product or person.

PACKINTUBE SMART incorporates these tags inside the packaging, providing information such as the position, temperature and security of the product it contains. This information allows a better follow-up of stock and a better performance and flexibility of the working process. SMART can be read without direct contact and it allows medium distances of reading and in hostile conditions. Furthermore, more than one tag can be read at the same time.


  • Automation of the production and logistics’ process.
  • Control and localisation of assets.
  • Authenticity and identification of goods and products.
  • Monitoring of the transport process.

Why Packintube Smart

Packaging is the first contact between the potential customer and the brand. It’s an advertising tool that affects unconscious purchasing decisions. There are new retail trends and the packaging not only must stand out but also has to interact with the consumer.

PACKINTUBE SMART's tag RFID is the new solution in retail which aims to catch all the attention. Consumers appreciate the availability of the product’s information, not to say that promotions and offers are most welcomed. That’s why PACKINTUBE SMART is the best way to communicate and carry out your marketing actions.

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