Near Field Communication (NFC) and Packintube Smart

nfcNFC is the new wireless communication, of short range and high frequency. It allows the exchange of data between different devices through a tag. This tag with an incorporated chip is inserted inside the body of the PACKINTUBE SMART. It can read up to 1MB data from any Smartphone or tablet.

The difference between the NFC and QR code, is that the NFC doesn’t need any light to be captured and the QR can only store up to 3KB data.

Commercial applications:

  • Packaging follow-up
  • Content identification
  • Temperature indicator
  • Authentication

Promotional uses:

  • Customised messages
  • Discounts
  • Cross-sales


  • Better data Management through NFC devices
  • Protection against fraud and piracy
  • Tracking of the product from manufacturer to final consumer
  • Efficiency: less use of paper

foto etiqueta nfc