Smart packaging and how the packaging of the future will communicate with us

January 2020

Made to seduce and increase sales, smart packaging and other trends will be the stars of Pick & Pack, the event that takes place in Barcelona from February 12 to 14 and will bring together more than 7,000 professionals seeking innovation in packaging and intralogistics.

You do not remember the last time you had breakfast as God intended, but this year you have set out to achieve it. A bowl of cereal milk would be much better than a dry / rush coffee. An immaculate tetrabrik that you bought one, two, three months ago is on the door of the fridge?

When you open it with all the desire to bathe the cereals you see that it expired ... on December 21, 2019. And we are in January 2020 (emoji with a hand on the forehead). This is a scene that we have probably all starred in on more than one occasion. But with smart packaging, throwing money overboard and running out of breakfast has its days numbered.

Imagine a tetrabrik that changes color as the drinking deadline approaches, or a beer can with a color-changing label when it's cooler. And is that smart packaging, in addition to protecting the product, give us relevant information about its properties and condition. New solutions in smart packaging that will be protagonists in Pick & Pack, the great packaging innovation event that takes place from 12 to 14 February in Barcelona. Because in the packaging of the future, an attractive design and a simple QR code are no longer enough.

Why smart packaging is the packaging of the future

1- It seduces the consumer with its chassis, but it is also useful and relevant to it and connects it directly to the product. According to neuromarketing, based on emotions, more than 60% of consumers choose a product for packaging, while 41% repeat according to their first interaction with the packaging. A power that multiplies if, in addition, the packaging tells us "I am ready to be consumed."

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“Consumers value the ease of use of the packaging, the information it provides, or the application of intelligent and interactive systems. Thus, smart packaging has become an increasingly important trend for marketing, which contributes to customer loyalty, "explains Marina Uceda, director of Pick&Pack.

2- It is useful for the seller: the smart packaging itself becomes a marketing strategy. On the other hand, in addition to providing product information to the consumer, it does so throughout the distribution chain, since it informs about its location, nutritional values, method of use or destination ..., as an authentic database . Thanks to this traceability, the purchase or return process can be improved.

3- It responds to the growing concern for the environment because by reporting on its durability it solves the problem of food waste. Furthermore, smart packaging can also be precisely because it is made with smart, biodegradable materials or made from other recycled materials, the fundamental principle of "zero waste" of the circular economy. Yes, sustainable packaging and e-commerce can go hand in hand.

foto smartpack

4- Technological advances are crying out for it: “Digitization is profoundly changing society and the business fabric. And this forces companies to rethink all kinds of processes and introduce solutions that drive digital transformation in the packaging sector, such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, industrial cloud, IoT, automation or collaborative robotics," comment Uceda.