GET SMART - Intelligent packaging

foto get smartPACKINTUBE SMART interacts with the consumer at the point of sale. This new packaging generates a new purchasing experience thanks to its RFID/NFC tag, QR/Bidi codes or Augmented Reality.

These new technological applications provide data and allow a better tracking of the product. SMART is the new communication media in retail. Consumers receive customised attention and get information about the product which affects their purchasing decision.


  • widged rfid

    RFID Technology

    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are part of Information Technology. RFID tags are electronic stickers that carry a unique coded microchip associated with a product or person.

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  • widged nfc

    NFC Technology

    NFC is the new wireless communication, of short range and high frequency. It allows the exchange of data between different devices.

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    QR Code

    The QR/ BIDI is a code which you can incorporate over the external lining of your Packintube Smart to carry on either marketing actions or internal uses.

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  • widged ra

    Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality (AR) technology, superimposes virtual images over reality through a screen. It allows multiple applications and mixes the real and virtual worlds.

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