Augmented Reality (AR) and Packintube Smart

realidad aumentadaAugmented Reality (AR) technology, superimposes virtual images over reality through a screen. It allows multiple applications and mixes the real and virtual worlds. It can change the way we interact with our circle.

PACKINTUBE Smart allows the consumer to interact with the product capturing their attention while showing what’s inside the packaging.

This technology is successful for advertising or marketing campaigns due to its impact and versatility.

The use of smartphones is increasing and so is the use of applications such as AR.


  • Consumers can demonstrate, play and have fun with the products.
  • You can get a modern brand image.
  • It makes it easier to make an impact on youngs audience.
  • More possibilities for viral marketing.
  • Provides information to consumers at the point of sale.
  • People interact instead of being passive.
  • Mixes up On line and Off line so generating a real experience.